Published in ‘Strokes Of Genius 12’- The Best Of Drawing

Publication by North Light Books – published Nov 2020

Strokes Of Genius 12– The Best Of Drawing

Opportunities for paintings can present themselves at unexpected times.  My plan on that particularly sunny day was to take a photo of my husband playing his  guitar for his social media profile.  

Cue the sunlight and cheery music; the stage was perfectly set. But as I entered the room with my camera his expression was so pensive. What was up with that? Shouldn’t strumming ‘You Are My Sunshine’ on such a day  present a smile upon his face?.  

I could instantly see that a change in purpose was in order.  As artists we’re always looking for contrasts: usually  in light, shapes, textures  or colours.  This though was a contrast of the senses; and I was keen to capture it.  Seizing the moment I stole a few unobtrusive shots which would later be used for my painting ‘Contemplation’. 


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Pastel – 16 x 20

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