Painting a Beach Scene

This painting was done using Uart800.  1/4  of an 18×24 sheet. Pastels used were from set of 36 nupastels.

Sketch horizon line and major shore and waves lines with vine charcoal
Layer in blues with darkest value at top and lighter on horizon line. I’ve added some red mid sky
Start adding in colours for the shore water. Use a light touch skimming the surface. Build up multiple layers and then lightly blending in a horizontal direction in the flow of the waves.
Lay in horizon line greenery and buildings. Add some colour to beach sand (light pink, and white)
Now is time to draw in outline of sail boat using vine charcoal. I used proportional divider to transfer shape.
Start painting in the colours of the mast. Remember to give some changes in values to give illusion of light.
Start adding in the people. Very few strokes are needed. Remember where light source is coming from and give a few values to give shape. I have a problem with the size of my forefront figure. It appears to big in relation to the fellow in the water. Note that the fellow in the water is facing into the painting instead of out (as in the reference photo)
I brushed out foreground figure, and will scale down into a better perspective.
I’ve replace figure with a smaller version, but the fellow in the water still looks to tiny in comparison. I now see my problem. I added the guy in the water too close. He should be back a wave! Time for some more brushing out and replacing.

I’ve brushed out the man in the water.
He’s back in the water, and further back. The perspective of the people looks much better now.
Here I’ve put a filter on the reference photo to reduce the number of colours and detail.
Reference Photo for this project

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