Drawing Phlox flowers – Step by Step Tutorial

Phlox flowers drawn in Graphite and carbon pencil

I’m doing a workshop this friday on how to draw these phlox flowers. If you’re interested in my process, follow along my step by step proess as I complete the drawing.

Tutorial in drawing phlox flowers in graphite and carbon pencils

This drawing will be done to scale with the original photograph which is 8.5 x 11. Begin by marking on the margin of your photo the centre points on all sides with a pencil mark. Do the same on your support paper. Here I am using stonehenge.

 Moving out from you starting point to draw the petals, being constantly aware of the angles and shapes.
 You can use your pencil as a measure.
 Look both positive and negative space shapes.
 If you hold the reference side by side with your paper you can line up where things should be.
 Turn things upside down to give a different perspective. 



Start with putting in your darks for the centres of the flowers
Use your carbon pencil and then apply layer over with 2b graphite. work over with 2b a couple of more times until desired value is reached.
Smooth with blending tool. (stump)
If it isn’t smooth enough apply a layer of 2h or 4h (very sharp point) overtop.







Use the value finders.
One on the photograph and one on the drawing to compare.

Start with a 2B pencil applied over most of the petal. Leave area closest to the centre which is the lightest area.  
Blend with a tissue in strokes as in the direction of the lines in the petal.  
Continue with a layer of HB and 2H, blending after each layer.  
Be aware of the texture of the petals and allow your strokes to change in value.  

To get a better idea of the proper value of the darkest shadowed petal, apply the dark background areas with carbon.
 Blend, then go over with 2B.
Start rendering the other petals.
Keep note always of whether petal is lighter or darker than the one next to it.

Start working background with carbon black and then graphite overtop.
 Carbon pencil smudges very easily so be careful.
Always have a piece of paper protecting your work.

Start in with other flowers.
Remember that the darker the pencil the grainer it will be.
You want a very smooth texture for these petals, so you will want to go over it with a harder pencil.  
The middle flowers is rendered beginning with HB then 2H and 4H blending in between.  
Light pressure!

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