Painting ‘Early One Morning’ was the winning painting in Jackson Art Supply Competition  Landscape in soft pastel Unison Competition Winner

Painting ‘Early One Morning’ was a winning selection in the Strokes Of Genius 9 Competition. Winning art will be featured in North Light Books’ hardbound showcase of the best in contemporary drawing to be published in October 2017

Early One Morning
9 x 11.5

Painting ‘Daisy’ was runner-up  in ‘Strokes Of Genius 9’.It is a mark of high achievement to attain runner-up status in the Strokes of Genius competition

14 x 11

N.O.A.A.  60th Annual Juried Exhibition

My painting ‘Early One Morning’  received the Nickel Acme Award. This painting; being the seventh painting accepted into exhibitions over the years has earned me signature status, and the letters N.O.A.A. This painting will be on tour for the next year through Ontario cities and towns. Touring Towns for 6oth Annual NOAA Exhibition


July 2016

Distinguished Artist for the 39th Annual La Cloche Art Show

What a pleasure and honour to be the featured artist.  The very first juried art show I entered was the 22nd Annual La Cloche Art Show back in 1999.  Being a part of that show and having my work on the same walls as well know and lesser known artists of the area was such a thrill and it changed my life.  I was in awe and felt a connection with these other artists as we were all sharing the same space with the same purpose: to share our unique artistic visions.  I also felt a very strong aspiration to learn and grow and develop so that one day I might be the features artist.

Dec/Jan 2016

8 page feature article including a video demonstration in the International Artist Magazine

international artist magazine cover











38th Annual La Cloche Show – Received the ‘Ivan Wheale Award’ for ‘Tucked Away’ oil on canvas 11×14

Tucked-Awayfor web







N.O.A.A.  58th Annual Juried Exhibition

My painting ‘Top Of The Mornin’ To you” received the Desjardins Caisse Populaire Award.


Life’s A Birch

My first solo show was held at Artists On Elgin in Sudbury, Ontario for the month of August.  ‘A dialogue in nature from a tree’s eye view. Imagine as you walk through the forest that you are a tree. What would you be thinking? What ‘wood’ you say?

Life's A Birch Invitation JPEG

Three of my pieces were juried into Pencil Art Society’s International Open Juried Exhibition which will be held in Repentigny Exhibition Centre in Repentigny Quebec from August 23rd to September 21, 2014.  The exhibition will showcase 59 artists from 11 different countries in pencil work.

Amused colourd pencils
Elegance graphite and charcoal
Remembering Kate

graphite and charcoal

Remembering Kate Graphite and charcoal on stonehenge 8 x 10

Graphite and charcoal on stonehenge

8 x 10

One of my pieces was accepted into ‘Purely Pastel” Pastel Artist.ca 23rd Open Juried Exhibition in Brampton Ontario.  The acceptance of this piece (being the 5th entry accepted over the years and having also won an award) earns me ‘master’ signature status (MPAC) with Pastel Artists Canada!


Two pieces accepted into Pastel Canada.ca online juried Exhibition. Acceptance into one more show will give me ‘Master” signature status with Pastel Canada!!! http://pastelartists.ca/signaturemembers Reflection on Moose Lake – Pastel 9.5 x 18.5 Different Points of View – Pastel – 12 x 18

Dolan Kathy Reflecting on Moose Lake 9.5 x 18.5 different points of view card


Two pieces accepted into the Pencil Art Society On-line juried exhibition http://www.pencilartsociety.com/ipas-en/2013/gallery/1-11/

Wished Memories for web Faith Hope & Wisdom

Pastel Painting “Photosynthesis” was accepted into ‘Purley Pastel’ Pastel Artists Canada 22nd Annual Open juried exhibition.   “Photosynthesis” will be featured in the October/November Issue of

International Artist Magazine.

magazine cover and certificatemagazine spread

Pastel 14 x 11

Finalist – International Artist Magazine ‘Photosynthesis’ – Pastel

36th Annual La Cloche Art Show

Pastel 14 x 11

1st Prize – Pastel Tomorrow Beckons Pastel

graphite 7.5 x 10.5

2nd Prize- Drawing Peaceful Mournings

Art Center Sarasota –  “Point of View”  Open Juried Exhibition

Two pieces were accepted into this juried show. “Windswept” – Pastel

Pastel 11 x 14

Windswept pastel


Different Points Of View Pastel


Pastel Artists Canada 21st Annual Open Juried Exhibition “Purely Pastel” –

Dolan Kathy Welcome! 16x19

Welcome Pastel

N.O.A.A. 56th Annual Juried Exhibition

Doris M Foster Memorial Award – “Moose Lake” – Pastel

Centennial Museum 19th Annual Heritage Alive Art Exhibition

Best In Show – “Tomorrow Beckons” – Pastel 1st Prize –

“ Tomorrow Beckons” – Pastel 1st Prize –

“ Faith Hope and Wisdom” – Graphite


Pastel Artists Canada 20th Annual Open Juried Exhibition “Purely Pastel”

2nd Prize – “Moose Lake”

Pastel Artist Canada 2011 Juried Show

Pastel 11 x 14


11 x 14

N.O.A.A. 55th Annual Juried Exhibition

Edna Hosking Memorial Award – “Remembering Kate”

Centennial Museum 18th Annual Heritage Alive Art Exhibition

1st Prize –“ Elegance”

Graphite 8 x 10

1st Prize – Elegance drawing

KathyDolan-3-Listen To The Wavesbusiness card

Honourable Mention Listen To The Waves- Pastel







34th Annual La Cloche Art Show

Honourable Mention‐ “Remembering Kate”

Honourable Mention Remembering Kate – Drawing


RBC Dominion Securities ‐Juried Exhibition Art Impact – Water Manitoulin Art Tour M.F.A.A Members Show


33rd Annual La Cloche Art Show 1st Prize – “Faith Hope and Wisdom” -­‐ Graphite 2005 to 2009 In the summer of 2005 I was in a serious automobile accident. It was years before I resumed painting again. 2004 27th Annual La Cloche Art Show Group Show Bay of Islands Group of Five – Whitefish Falls, Ontario Arts Berries & Jazz – Espanola, Ontario Centennial Museum 12th Annual Heritage Alive Art Exhibition 2nd Prize – “Days End” – Pastel 3rd Prize– “Sunkissed” Days End e-mail Sunkissed 2003 26th Annual La Cloche Art Show 2nd Prize – “Mississaugi Light House” – Pastel Mississaugi-Lighthouse--Wat Open Door Juried Fine Art Show & Sale Group Show – Bay of Islands Group of Five, Whitefish Falls, Ont Group Show – Bay of Islands Group of Five – Featured at Espanola Little Theatre Centre 2002 25th Annual La Cloche Art Show Group Show-­‐ Bay of Islands Group of Five – Whitefish Falls, Ontario Bay of Islands Group of Five – Featured at Mill House Bed & Breakfast, Espanola, Bay of Islands Group of Five at Espanola & District Credit Union Centennial Museum 10th Annual Heritage Alive Art Exhibition Best Heritage – “Little Current Swing Bridge” – Watercolour bridge- little current 1st Prize Pastel – “Mississaugi Light House” 1st Prize Marine Imagery ‐ “Little Current Swing Bridge” watercolour 2nd Prize Mixed Media – “Out From TheDarkness” – mixed media Out-From-the-Darkness 3rd Prize Marine Imagery ‐ “Mississaugi Light House” – Pastel 3rd Prize Use of Colour – “Out From The Darkness” Mixed Media Honourable MentionFlora – “Out From The Darkness” Mixed Media A Print from my painting “The Summit” used in a plaque in the kiosk at the entry of the “RedDeer Trail “ in Whitefish Falls, Ontario The Summit I was commissioned to prepare an original painting of the Old Domtar Powerhouse before refurbishing. The painting was of the inside of the powerhouse with all its’ machinery intact. The Original painting was presented to Resident Manager of Domtar – Pat Parker. A print of the painting was put into a 100 year time capsule to be opened in the year 2102. powerhouse2 46th Annual N.O.A.A. Juried Exhibition Manitoulin Art Tour 2001 24th Annual La Cloche Art Show 1st Prize – “Old Log House” – Photography Old Log House Centennial Museum 9th Annual Heritage Alive Art Exhibition 1st Prize – “Water Lily” – Photography Lily Flowers Best Marine Imagery – “Willisville #2” – Watercolour 1st Prize Watercolour -­‐ “Willisville #2” Willisville Cavalcade of Colours Honourable Mention “Morning Light” ‐ Pastel morning light2 copy Massey Museum 2nd Prize – “Evening Sky” – Watercolour 3rd Prize -­‐ “Water Lily” ‐ photography 2000 23rdAnnual La Cloche Art Show Honourable Mention – ‘Willisville” – watercolour 3willisville   Chairperson for the La Cloche Art show in 2000 http://laclocheartshow.wordpress.com/history/

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