Workshop at Walden Art Club

Day 1 Pastel on Pastelmat with underpainting   You will all follow along as we complete these two paintings step by step.  No worries though if we fall behind and are only able to complete one.  I will post the  instructions and step by step photos at a later date.     Day 2 Pastel […]

Sis-tych: Making a Genetic Connection

Our First Sis-tych   sis-tych- a trip-tych created by three sisters View’s profile on Facebook   Sis-tych It is such a joy when accomplishments are shared with others.  Three sisters had paintings accepted into the juried N.O.A.A show last fall!  Recently we painted this triptych, each of us working individually on a panel.  In […]

Landscape Painting Demonstration

This is the painting that I’ll be doing my demonstration on for the upcoming La Cloche Art Show.  I’m so excited to share my process with you! My reference photo.  There are a few adjustments that I want to make for the painting.  Make a more gradated sky to help give perspective, and the dimension […]

Genetically Speaking

Wow; what a night last night.  It was the opening of the 38th annual La Cloche Art Show. It’s really special to share the excitement of getting your work accepted into juried shows with fellow artists friends.  You know (or can just imagine) how truly exhilerating it is.  It reinforced my whole sense of purpose. […]

‘Addison (Addie) ‘ Pencil portrait

Here is a very informal unedited posting of notes I took while working on Addison. I hope you find this informative.  I am using a lot of the basics from Ann Kullbers book; which is an invaluable reference for coloured pencil portraits.  I favour the Faber Castell pencils over prismacolors, so have made that conversion […]

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

This was our final class using graphite pencils. We’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with different papers and pencils. This week we used a water soluble graphite pencil technique. Our paper was hot pressed watercolour paper. Some used Arches and some Saunders waterford. I found the sizing on the saunders made it easier […]

Drawing With Graphite and White Charcoal on Toned Paper

What a fun workshop this was.  We were all working with the same reference photo on mid value toned paper.  We used white charcoal to render our lightest value.  I’m having a very difficult time finding out how white charcoal is made.  Some say that it’s  titanium white pigment mixed with a clay binder.  General’s “White Charcoal” […]

Graphite drawings and paintings

Here are some pics of what the class has been doing  in my Friday class here at SunNFun.  For a couple of weeks  some of the class was working with their own reference photos, while others choose to work with reference photos that had been supplied. I still question whether these are paintings or drawings. […]

Rusty Door Latch – Class Results

Look at these fantastic drawing results by the class here at SNF.  (Some still in progress)  .  Most of the participants are just learning the graphite medium, though you’d never know it by looking at these. It’s so interesting to see how different people emphasized different aspects of the drawings.  For example the 11th drawing […]

Drawing a Rusty Door Latch

January 16, 2015 Here is the reference photo we worked from.  I found this free license photo on Google Images.  Remember; it’s illegal to use images as your own and sell them unless  they are licensed for reuse.    In this lesson I wanted to cover some various techniques: using frisket film using carbon pencil […]