About Me

Dolan,Kathy,Hugs,7x9.5I’ve always felt the need to share my art. Painting  not only for self gratification, but also in the hope that others can share in my wonderment.  I don’t merely  want you to see what I saw; my goal is that my paintings will  transcend your senses; and you’ll  feel as though you could walk into the painting;  feel the sunlight on your  face, hear the sounds of nature, and perhaps walk a bit deeper into the forest. .  By recreating the scene realistically,  paying attention to the textures, values, shapes and colours in the landscape and how the sunlight affects them, I hope  that can achieved this.


Kathy loved to draw as a child and enjoyed the art classes she took throughout high school. Marriage, work and raising a family took her away from her art, and it wasn’t until  the late 90’s when she took a watercolour course at a local college that her passion was rekindled.  Very soon after this she entered her first juried art exhibition:  the 22nd Annual La Cloche Art Show… read more

Awards and Achievements

Painting ‘Early One Morning’ was the winning painting in Jackson Art Supply Competition  Landscape in soft pastel Unison Competition Winner

Painting ‘Early One Morning’ was a winning selection in the Strokes Of Genius 9 Competition. Winning art will be featured in North Light Books’ hardbound showcase of the best in contemporary drawing to be published in October 2017…read more

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